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Our Growing Practices 

We are USDA Certified Organic through Pennsylvania Certified Organic. We grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  We achieve this through the use of applied ecology in the design and management of our farm.  The 260 preserved acres that surround us are rich in natural resources that compliment our approach of farming with nature, not against it. By maintaining, or increasing biodiversity on the farm, we are aiming towards balanced systems that are increasingly more stable over time. We achieve this by growing a wide diversity of rotated crops, through the use of cover crops that build soil and protect against erosion, and through maintaining wildlife habitat.

Our mission is to strengthen the link between our local environment, the health of our community and local economy through sustainable farming.

Why Certified Organic?  

Our decision to become certified grew out of the concerns of our customers.  Over the last couple of years, we felt our customers becoming weary of ambiguous terms in the marketplace being applied to growing practices that have limited integrity.  We feel that the added assurance of certification goes a long way in establishing trust in our growing practices.   

What does Certified Organic Mean?

Certified Organic growers have to submit a growing plan that is reviewed annually by an approved certifying agency to make sure that all aspects of the plan are in compliance with the organic standards set forth by The National Organic Program. The farm property is inspected annually to confirm that the plan is being properly implemented.  From seed to sale, our process is inspected to make sure that our practices are not depleting soil or harming the environment.  Adherence to the standards results in products that we feel are safer for the health of our customers, our family, our employees, and our surrounding community.   

Food Safety

All produce is harvested, packed and stored using GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) guidelines.   We are fully committed to maintaining high standards of quality and sanitation so you can feel safe about your food.  We welcome scheduled farm visits for anyone that wants to have a peek before signing up for CSA.