What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It's a cooperative agreement between a farm and it's community members.   Community members purchase their share at the beginning of the season, which helps the farmers with the up-front costs of yearly growing expenses.  In return, community members receive a weekly share of the harvest for the duration of the growing season.   

Why Join a CSA?

Community:  When you join a CSA, you become part of the farm!  If you pick up at the farm, you are able to walk the fields, and speak with the farmers on a weekly basis.  There is always a farmer in the pick-up area to answer any questions.   You can meet your neighbors in the U-Pick garden while picking cherry tomatoes and flowers.  Even if you pick up at market, we are there in person to deliver your shares, and to answer any questions you may have. 

Transparency:  You know who your farmers are, and where and how your food was grown.  CSA members receive a weekly email with what to expect in their share, as well as occasional farm updates.      

Quality/Flavor/Health:  We harvest our produce within 24 hours of distribution (unless it’s a storage crop).  The food is flavorful, and most nutritious when eaten fresh.   Quality and food safety are major priorities on our farm.   We maintain high standards by being prompt and methodic with our post-harvest handling. 

Unique Crops Selections:  We grow for flavor, not transportability.  You will find many unique varieties that can’t be found in the grocery store.  We grow a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes and other specialty crops that will keep you interested throughout the season.      

Food Security:  Investing in a CSA reinforces and strengthens the farmer/customer relationship and keeps your local food options diversified. It stabilizes the price of your food so it is less affected by droughts and high fuel costs associated with produce shipped from thousands of miles away.   It also keeps small farmers employed.

It’s Economical:  Our half shares break out to be $27/week, and full shares $37/week. This is a small portion of a typical weekly food budget.  Many of our customers find that our greens store for a longer time in the fridge, so you waste less. In peak season, It is easy to leave the U-Pick garden with food/flowers/herbs/produce that would have a retail value of over $20. This is where it really pays off to be in a CSA!

Sustainability:  CSA’s eliminate fuel intensive, long distance distribution channels.   Joining a CSA that uses sustainable practices protects your local watershed, and protects farmworkers and neighbors from synthetic chemical exposure.  You are investing not just in our farm, but in your community.  Keeping small farmers employed helps to keep valuable land in farming, rather than being sold for development.  

Cooking with whole foods also helps to eliminate wasteful packaging associated with processed, pre-packaged foods.  Whole foods are healthier for you too!!