Two Gander Farm is a family farm operated by Trey and Deirdre Flemming.  2018 marks our 9th season running the farm together as a husband/wife team.  

About the farm

We farm 10 acres of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and bees in Downingtown, PA within a beautiful 260-acre preserve owned and managed by the Brandywine Conservancy.  We relocated our farming operation to this location in 2013, and found ourselves at the happy crossroads of natural resource protection and sustainable agriculture. It was a natural fit with our mission, which is centered around the use of applied ecology in growing systems.

By growing and selling food locally, we are hopeful that we can benefit our community and demonstrate the importance of farmland preservation.  

Read more about our relationship with The Brandywine Conservancy, and the history of the farm property.  

About the farmers:

Why do we farm? 

First and foremost, there is nothing else we would rather be doing.  We love to farm!  In addition, we wanted a career that showed our children that we are clearly invested in their future.  We get to nourish our own family, as well as others, while we work alongside each other.  Farming is hard work, but the challenges make us feel alive and closer to nature.   We found that small scale farming was a way to apply the ecological principles we knew from our previous careers to the production of sustainable food that enhances the resources of future generations.  

For both of us, farming started with summer internships that were intended as  temporary explorations away from our careers as ecologists at the time. Neither of us thought these experiences would turn into a farming career… 


Meet Your Farmers:


Trey Flemming

Trey has been farming for 13 years.  He enjoys the solitude and peace found in the long days outdoors.    

Trey's pre-farming background is in Wildlife Biology and Natural Resource Management. Farming fulfills Trey's desire to be deeply connected to a piece of land, while sustainably producing sustenance from it that can be shared with the community.  

Roles on the farm: Trey is the primary field manager. He works with our farm crew to implement our growing plan each year. On a typical day, you can find Trey on the tractor, prepping and seeding beds, managing weeds, and turning fields over.  Trey is also the beekeeper for Two Gander Farm and other area farms/orchards.  


Deirdre Flemming

Deirdre had been farming for 11 years.  She is passionate about the community aspect of farming, and enjoys connecting with CSA families and market customers over food.  

Deirdre's pre-farming background was in aquatic ecology.  Witnessing the impacts of agriculture on aquatic ecosystems drew her to her first farm internship to better understand the relationship of sustainable farming systems, and how they can improve water quality.  She fell in love with sustainable farming, and how it can improve the land/water connection.   

Roles on the farm:  Deirdre is the CSA manager, harvest and wholesale manager, and has her hands in field production as well.  On a typical day, you can find her packing wholesale orders, greeting customers in the CSA pick-up area, or leading a harvest crew out in the field.